No-Sort Recycling Basics

Boulder City has a comprehensive "no sort" recycling program.

How easy is it?

You throw ALL recyclables in one bin…and you're done. There's no longer any need to sort recyclables.

Doing your part to increase recycling, while diverting thousands of tons of waste from being buried in our landfill, has never been so easy. It's vital to the future of our City…and our planet.

The program also includes schools, parks and businesses, too. So no matter where you are in Boulder City, you can do your part. The recycling program is totally comprehensive. You can now recycle ANYWHERE in B.C.

Aim for Zero-Waste and, together, we'll make Boulder City "Clean and Green" once again.

What is "Single-Stream" Recycling?

The industry term for no-sort recycling is "single-stream". Put in its' simplest terms, what used to be multiple "streams" of recyclables needed to be separated by the homeowner in advance of pick-up. The no-sort method combines all the streams (paper, plastic and glass) into one.

All participants need to do is throw all recyclables into one container. And due to technological advances in recovering the materials, nearly all of the waste is effectively recycled.

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